Now that the looming Brexit bill has finally been passed, for better or worse, an end has been tied up in a sense. But there are still many questions to be answered. Talk of tariffs and trading and all that jazz is being bandied around the media, but what is this actually going to mean for your office fruit delivery? That’s what you really want to know after all! Why else would you be reading your favourite office groceries blog! And by the way, if you missed last week’s post, Morning Milk Delivery: Why Choose Oat Milk? then, do check it out!

Where does a lot of the fruit you eat actually come from? The UK grows some of its own produce, but a large part of it is imported from its EU cousins and from even further afield. In this post we will give you the tea on which fruits’ availability will be affected by any post-Brexit deals that may come into play. Buckle your seat belts, it’s going to be a zesty ride!



1. Apples and Cardio-Vascular Disease


A favourite of the office fruit basket delivery, not to mention one of the most iconic of all the fruits. And no, we aren’t talking about over-priced laptops here. The UK’s apple market is worth over £100 million, but only 30% of the eating apples in the UK are home-grown. We bet you didn’t know that the UK is the only country that grows apples especially for cooking! Crazy, eh! Which means that these kinds of apples are always going to be available here in the UK, regardless of Brexit. 

In a public health research article, evidence suggested that prices of fruit and vegetables would increase. This would decrease the intake of fruit and veg between 2.5% and 11.4%. Increase in price and decrease in consumption will likely result in around 12,4oo extra CVD deaths between 2021 and 2030. That’s why it will clearly be more important than ever to consume as much fruit as possible, especially in the workplace. We need to make sure that Brexit does not deter us from eating healthily – as that is one of the main purposes of office fruit



2. What’s going on with these tariffs?


As the Guardian reported, the UK is preparing to reverse the decision made last year to cut import tariffs on goods coming into the UK. What is a tariff when it’s at home, you ask? Well, a tariff is essentially a cost that a government imposes on imported goods that ensures that their sale prices in the country are not so low as to ruin local business’ chances of selling their products competitively. This decision is better for British fruit growers, because the tariffs will not be so low on foreign fruit so as to push them out of business. Your office fruit delivery will continue to feature a combination of imported and local produce.

If a post-Brexit situation had arisen in which tariffs were to be lowered to make the UK more attractive to potential imports, then this might have made your office fruit slightly more scarce. It’s important that political doings like this do not affect our intake of fruit and vegetables – our health must come first. This is why it’s crucial to remain politically engaged! The availability of office fruit represents more than just a healthier working environment for people. It is also a measure of how much the government is prioritising finance over public welfare! We at Office-Groceries are passionate about making workplace environments as healthy and productive as possible. You should prioritise your health above all else, too.

Thank you for reading this blog post – we hope you enjoyed it and found it educational! If you would like to speak any further about how to start your fruit basket deliveries, then please do not hesitate to contact us.