We all know that fruits are good for us. It’s been drilled into us since we were bright-faced little sprogs running around the playground with our compulsory satsumas and milk. But does that habit run into our adulthood? When living hectic lifestyles, it can be difficult for us to prioritise a balanced diet. That’s why it’s crucial to consider fruit for the office delivery. We at Office Groceries are among the finest purveyors of such goods – be sure to check out our office fruit baskets.

In this blog post we will be revealing which fruits are the best to keep you energised throughout the day. When you’re in need of a pick-me-up, coffee needn’t be your only port of call. We will also tell you which fruits to steer clear of – some fruits are not as friendly as they seem, loaded with sugar that’ll leave you with a low after that rush. Once again, the gurus of office groceries are here to save the day and help you dodge those fructose bullets.


That’s energy rich, coming from you…

Let’s kick off this show with a fruit that carries a lot of clout – the humble banana. This fruit is one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world, with it ranking fourth among the world’s food crops in monetary value. Bananas are a must have fruit for the office – they’re popular worldwide for a reason. Each piece has on average 110 calories. This energy will be released slowly throughout the day, due to the nature of the carbohydrates they’re packed with. Bananas are naturally free of fat as well, so you can snack on them during your lunch break in the office relatively guilt-free.

A close runner-up is the simple but delicious orange. High in vitamin C, this is a perfect fruit for the office because it helps to combat fatigue. According to Medical News Today, studies have found that consuming oranges can reduce the chances of getting cancer, having a stroke and having high blood pressure. So not only will oranges keep you perky throughout the day, but they have some serious health benefits for you too. If you want to incorporate these foods into your daily diet, then check out our site – we have all the fruit for the office you could need.


Some office fruits aren’t so a-peeling…

While bananas and oranges sit comfortably atop the list of energy-rich fruits, there are others that should be avoided. While snacking on fruits of any kind is still better for you than chowing down on chocolate bars, some are better than others. The primary culprit of faux fruit friends is the pineapple. This tropical wonder is by far one of the tastiest fruits, but this is owed to its high sugar content. According to CheatSheet, in 1 cup of solid pineapple there are 16.2g of sugar. Yikes. If you snack on this during your lunch break in the office, you will find yourself with a sugar high, followed by a low. Unfortunately, sugar low = low productivity. So, steer clear of pineapple as a staple office fruit snack – save it as a treat.

Another fruit that isn’t as nutritious as it first appears is the coconut. Small pots of desiccated coconut are common lunchtime snacks, often an impulse buy for shoppers as they grab them before the checkouts. Try to resist such impulses, as coconuts are loaded with saturated fat and sugar. According to Healthline.com, around 89% of fat in coconuts is saturated. The calorie and fat-dense meat is not such a good idea to snack on when you’re seated in the office all day. Your energy levels will be better maintained by a banana or an orange. Carbohydrates and fats in those fruits will be burned throughout the day, rather than stored as fat like a coconut.

We hope this blog has been informative and has helped you pick your fruit for the office delivery. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Office Groceries for any queries you may have regarding office fruit deliveries.