Welcome back to our Office Groceries blog! We’re glad you’ve taken a few moments out of your day to delve into our little hub of the delights of groceries. Last week we covered the news topic that’s hot on everyone’s lips: Will Coronavirus Affect Your Morning Milk Delivery? In the midst of all the drama that’s being stirred up by the media, it’s sweet relief to be given the 411 on whether something as important as your nourishment from fruits will be affected. This week we are touching on a more light-hearted subject: fun recipes for your office fruit!

Our focus lies on the humble apple. While it may often be depicted as the forbidden fruit (which is a misnomer, by the way) it is in actual fact an innocuous joy of a fruit. We’re going to give you some tips for how to make the best use of it in the office, and at home, should you want to steal a couple… We don’t endorse this, but we like to cater to all!



1. Core blimey, that crème brûlée looks good!


Our first idea comes from the wonderful minds over at the Food Network. This innovative take on a crème brûlée involved baking the famed French dessert within the apple itself! While this may sound like a gimmick, once we tried it for ourselves we were able to attest to its deliciousness. Using a melon baller to hull the centre of the apples, the custard is poured into the middle and left to bake as though it were in the usual ramekins. Apples work perfectly with the bain-Marie method that cooks a crème brûlée to perfection and the heat of the water ensures that the flesh is soft enough to be enjoyed without too great a contrast to the custard. Infusing into the custard, the juices from the apple’s flesh creates a delicious infusion that accents the traditional creamy taste. While this may be a bit much to try at the office, it is certainly something that can be made if you fancy poaching a little bit of that office fruit from the shared fruit bowl…



2. I can’t think of any butter use!


Our second idea is one that helps to preserve any leftover apples you may have after that sweltering summer. Don’t let yourself be prone to stings from those pesky wasps that gather around those apples gathering under the apple tree. Not to mention those apples that are left over at the end of the week from your office fruit basket. There are often uses for these leftovers that will save them from going straight in the bin – we found a great recipe over on SimplyRecipes.com. This apple butter doesn’t actually contain any butter. If it’s butter for the office you’re looking for, then make sure you head over to our website and we’ll sort you out.

In terms of culinary skill required – fear not, this recipe is suitable for the faint hearted of the chefs among us. Quartered apples must be boiled on the hob until they are soft (around 20 mins) and then puréed. Other ingredients are then added for flavour, including salt, cinnamon, ground cloves, allspice, lemon rind and juice. The mixture is then cooked again on the hob for around another two hours until it’s thick and smooth. Once the mixture is stored in disinfected jars, it can be kept in the cupboard until it is ready to be opened again. However, make sure that you follow proper canning procedures to prevent any bacteria spoiling the mixture. This really is a fantastic way to make sure that your left over office fruit doesn’t go to waste. We’re sure that the office manager won’t complain if you swipe a few – especially if you bring a jar or two in for everyone share!


Thank you for dropping by our office groceries blog once more. If you have any questions regarding how to go about ordering your office fruit delivery, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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