Long gone are the days of scoffing muffins and pastries throughout your day in the office. While there is still room in our diets for sweet treats like that, it is far more common to keep the office stocked with fresh fruit. Not only does fruit provide quick and easy sustenance, but there are many benefits for workers’ physical health and mindsets. In this blog post we will outline the benefits of supplying fruit for the office and help you decide what to include in your office fruit delivery. Making a conscious effort to switch to these delicious, naturally occurring snacks can have many positive impacts on your life.

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1.General Health


We all know that fruit and vegetables are good for us. It’s been drilled into us ever since our parents wouldn’t let us leave the dinner table until we’ve had just one more mouthful of broccoli. But as we get older and life begins to get more hectic, we don’t always have time to stop and consider whether we’re really meeting the famous five-a-day quota.


Providing fresh fruit in the office is a great way to encourage employees to eat healthily. Having a regular office fruit delivery will not only keep everyone well-fed, but ensure that the workplace is looking after its employees effectively. After all, eating fruit regularly is the second best way to reduce the risk of cancer, after giving up smoking. 


When it comes to selecting fruit for the office to chow down on, there are certain varieties that are must-haves. Bananas provide high amounts of energy quickly, as well as lots of potassium. This is an electrolyte that helps to maintain healthy nerve and muscle function, keeping you alert during your day’s work. Oranges are also a great staple. They are known as a high-energy food and the vitamin C and natural sugars will help to reduce levels of fatigue throughout the day. Strawberries are another great way to combat fatigue, and they help to improve your eyesight over time. If you’re looking at a screen all day, every day, then a few of these delicious berries will help to combat that tired eye feeling. It’s also worth noting that the best time to consume your fruit at work is 20 minutes before lunchtime. This prevents the food from fermenting in your stomach, meaning that the nutrients can go into your bloodstream quicker.



2. Productivity & Positivity


Alongside the physical health benefits of eating fruit, there are positive effects to be had on your mental state, also. In a survey carried out by British Summer Fruits, it was shown that more than half of 2000 employees thought that their mood and productivity would be enhanced if their employers provided them with fruit at work. It is also worth bearing in mind that office workers will feel more appreciated if they are given free fruit. This will create a happier work environment which will in turn increase productivity.


Maintaining a regular office fruit delivery will not only provide you and your fellow workers with more energy and alertness, but it will also improve positivity. Workplace satisfaction has a large impact on productivity, so it is worth seeing a fruit delivery as a worthy investment rather than merely expenditure.


We hope this blog has been of interest to you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at office Groceries if you have any fruit-related questions, or if you want to order any of our office fruit baskets.