Welcome back to your favourite source of grocery information! If you missed our last blog mini series, please check out our last post, The History of the Orange in your Fresh Fruit Basket Delivery. In our next mini series we will be taking a deeper look into the wide variety of milks that are available in our office milk selection. We have a whole host of lactose-free, sustainable and good old fashioned cows milks. 

In this piece we will be covering the milk of the humble almond. A tasty and healthy alternative milk to the traditional, it’s worth considering this for the office. It’s likely that there are already quite a few employees who already have a taste for it and would appreciate it. If not, why not introduce them to something new? There are benefits to choosing almond milk for you milk deliveries over other milks, and without further ado, we shall detail them here.



1. How is almond milk made?


We know what you’re thinking. How on earth does one find those tiny almond udders? Well, it’s actually a lot simpler than a fiddly milking process. Almonds are blended together and mixed with water. The resulting mixture is then strained to remove any solids. Almond butter can also be mixed with water to provide a similar result. Texture is a key factor as to why people love almond milk, as it is smooth and creamy but has a certain silky lightness to it that cow’s milk lacks.

There are some variations of almond milk that contain sugar – some people choose to avoid this as it detracts from the health benefits of the drink. We provide both regular and unsweetened almond milk so that you can choose what’s best for your particular office’s tastes. It is best when it is as close to the raw almond product as possible. Most of these raw almonds are produced in the U.S., and so a lot of the milk that you are drinking is shipped from across the pond.



2. What is the history of almond milk?


Almonds are native to the Middle East and almond milk has been common there for over a thousand years. According to Food and Living, almond milk was brought to southern Europe around 1000 years ago and since then it has gradually spread across the Western world. Today it has become a commonplace item, hence why it can be found in many office milk deliveries.

Interestingly, during the Middle Ages it was used as an alternative for cow’s milk during Lent. It is still used as an alternative now, but usually for the more secular reasoning of veganism and dietary requirements. It has become far more of a phenomenon in the Western world in the past century – particularly with the rise of veganism. 



3. Why should you choose almond milk for your milk deliveries?


There are many health benefits to almond milk. The nuts are heavily rich in several vitamins, including vitamin E. Ordinarily, producers such as Alpro will load their almond milks with extra vitamins so that they have equal, if not better nutritional content than cow’s milk. It is also low in calories compared to cow’s milk, despite the fact that almonds themselves are 50% fat. When it comes to choosing products for your office milk delivery, it’s important to take the health of the office into consideration. Encouraging people in the workplace to make healthier choices in what they are consuming will improve both their attitudes and their work ethics.

Not to mention the obvious fact that if you have lactose intolerant members of the office, this is the perfect choice for you.

We hope you enjoyed this blog! If you wish to request an office milk delivery (and hopefully try some almond milk) then please do contact us.