When it comes to making yourself a lunch in the office, there can sometimes be so much choice that it’s a little overwhelming. I mean, the choice between whether to have brown or white bread can get us all a bit hot under the collar. It is very beneficial to have a few quick lunch ideas for work up your sleeve. Providing stock for staff in the office pantry and kitchen is a great way to keep colleagues satisfied with their workplace environment. Having a regular office fruit delivery and office milk delivery will be very beneficial.

In this blog we will help you out with some quick lunch ideas for work at the office. We don’t have time to cook a three-course meal every day, in between lengthy client meetings or filling in pesky spreadsheets. Using the goodies from you office food delivery, it’s quick and easy to whip up these simple yet tasty lunchtime meals that will keep you satiated and energised for the rest of your day.



1. Delicious Fresh Deli Delights


Here at Office Groceries we offer a range of sumptuous foods in our Fresh Deli aisle for your London office lunch delivery. These come ready made and packed, so you can save yourself all that time that would go into preparing. Enjoy a wide range of platter featuring sandwiches, wraps, sliced fruit platters and more. Fillings range from deli meats such as chicken and chorizo, to speciality vegetarian, including hummus and sun-dried tomatoes. Coming in beautifully organised packaging, these sandwiches are not only quick but  a pleasure to eat.

A further perk of such sandwiches is the lack of food waste it produces. Consuming foods that are manufactured in this way means that you only purchase the volume of ingredients that you are actually going to use. In an extensive 2015 study carried out by Wrap, it was reported that there were 7.3 million tonnes of food waste from UK households. You can help to reduce this staggering figure by supplying the workers in your office with ready made sandwiches for lunch. Avoid those leftover slices of bread going to waste with this; one of the best quick lunch ideas for work.



2. D.I.Why not give sandwiches a go?


As well as ordering pre-made sandwiches, it’s a good idea to have the ingredients to hand in the office for employees to be able to make them at their discretion. We have everything you need in our office milk delivery isle, including different types of bread and butters to make your sandwich dreams a reality. According to Open Sandwich, the popularisation of the humble sandwich comes from John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, in the mid 18th century. Supposedly, he asked for his meat to be brought to him in between two slices of bread so that he would not have to leave the gaming table. Much like Lord Montagu, you will not have to leave your workstation as you eat this easy lunchtime option. Of all the quick lunch ideas for work, this is certainly a classic that deserves the attention it has now had for centuries. 

We hope this blog has been of interest to you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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