Lactose intolerance can be seen as a sad cross to bear for many people. Not being able to enjoy those delicious strings of mozzarella cheese on your favourite pizza can be a real bore. Or being unable to indulge in a McDonald’s milkshake (and dip your fries in it, if you’re that person). But it can be most frustrating when you just want a simple cup of tea in the office, but there’s only cow udder juice in the fridge! That’s why it’s crucial to include lactose-free milks in your office milk delivery

In this blog we will help you decide which milk is best for you to cater to your lactose-free employees. Interestingly, according to, two-thirds of the world’s population have a lactose intolerance to some degree. So, fear not, if you have this intolerance, you are not alone. It is well worth stocking up the office with these alternatives, as there are plenty of people that will undoubtedly appreciate it.



1. Gee, I sure love a bit of Arla Lactofree


The first port of call when deciding which milk is best in this situation is cow’s milk that has had the lactose removed. This is best for those that crave that traditional milky taste. Lactofree produces a tasty milk of this type, maintaining a rich and creamy flavour – just minus that pesky disaccharide. It works perfectly well splashed into a mug of tea, as well as frothing well for that afternoon cappuccino for a pick me up in the office. 

Lactofree is made from all natural ingredients and is homogenised and pasteurised – so you know it’s as safe as drinking regular cow’s milk. It’s also still high in calcium and protein, so you’re not missing out on the key benefits of dairy produce. Lactofree also comes in a UHT option, which is ideal for the office as it need not be refrigerated before its opening. When it comes to deciding which milk is best for lactose intolerance, you’d be wise to consider this as a part of your office milk delivery.



2. I don’t mean to gloat, but check out milk from oats


Not only is oat milk a great alternative if lactose isn’t your bag, it’s also the most sustainable type of milk to produce. According to the BBC, a 200ml glass of oat milk causes only 0.18 kg of CO2 to be released into the atmosphere. That’s far less than cow’s milk, which clocks in at 0.6kg. 

The taste is pretty good, too. In fact, it’s really good. You should definitely consider adding Oatly oat milk to your office milk delivery. The simple composition of Oatly milk is made up of only oats, water and a touch of salt. As a result the taste is smooth and satisfying, perfect for use in hot drinks in the office – or even on a bowl of cereal in the morning when you arrive at work. More importantly,  Packaged in a way that means it does not require refrigeration, it is perfect for storing in the office cupboards before it needs to be used.



3. We’re all nuts for nut milk


When it comes to the matter of which milk is best for the office, almond milk must certainly take the spot of our final mention. If your office milk delivery is in need of some lactose-free action, then look no further. Naturally free from lactose, this milk is made primarily from almonds roasted to perfection. This gives the milk a subtly sweet flavour that is completely natural – and works very well in coffee!

We hope you enjoyed this blog. If you have any enquiries as to how you can include these milks in you office milk delivery, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.