Fruits are arguably the best gift we’ve been given from nature. Yes, there are several medicines to be derived from plants and the are myriad uses for the wood we take from trees. But in terms of pure pleasure, fruits surely take the top spot. Their sumptuous flavours, bright colours and seemingly endless variations have inspired us in so many different areas of our lives. That’s why we take such pleasure in supplying fruit basket deliveries to the nation. Office Groceries is all about brightening up the experience of the workplace and fruit is one of the best ways to do that.

If you didn’t manage to catch our previous blog post, Does Brexit Affect Your Office Fruit Delivery?, then go ahead and give it a gander. In a political climate such as this, it’s important not to let cuts to certain sectors trickle down and affect facets of our lives, such as our health and wellbeing. This week we are moving on to a slightly lighter-hearted topic concerning our fruit basket deliveries. Fruit can be enjoyed in its original, glorious state. Or it can be transformed into a vast number of other products that can be consumed or utilised in different ways. We’ve compiled a little list of these ideas for you here, so feast your eyes and enjoy!



1. Applications of Apples


When it comes to finding uses for the humble apple in cooking and creating consumable goods, there are a multitude of ideas. This isn’t quite suitable for the workplace – well, we suppose it depends where you work – but apple infused vodka is to die for. You simply let the apples sit in the vodka for up to two weeks to let the flavour intensify. Check out this link if you want a comprehensive apple-infused vodka recipe. You technically could use your office fruit to make this tasty tipple, but we don’t recommend keeping booze stored under your desk.

Another more niche use of apples is to make a face mask out of it. Try mixing mashed apple with cucumber, wheat germ, mint leaves, honey and oatmeal. The result is completely edible and does wonders for your skin. A practical use for an apple that we think is surprisingly revolutionary, is to remove excess salt from a soup or broth. Why not take a couple of pommes home from one of your office’s fruit basket deliveries and pop them in the saucepan if you make a salty stumble with your cooking.


  2. Bonkers Ideas for Bananas

Bananas have always been a fruit of high comedy value… for obvious reasons. But did you know that there are actually many uses for it beyond consumption and phallus-based jokes? Well, now you will. Banana skins are known for being the slippery slapstick devices we know from children’s cartoons. However, this curved wonder from your office fruit basket deliveries has the potential to be much more. 

It may sound bizarre, but banana skins can be used as polishing material for silverware and leather shoes. All you need to do is remove those horrible stringy parts from the inside of the peel and then rub them all over your desired object. What a cool and economic way to do your polishing, eh? Bananas can also be used to tenderise a roasting joint, according to many Asian countries. Many age-old recipes use banana leaves to keep meat tender and moist through cooking, but it is also thought that including a whole banana in a roasting tray works too. Bananas can also be used as fertiliser or mulch. Dry out the peels on screens during the winter months and then blend them up and spread as fertiliser in the spring. Your roses will bloom wonderfully and you can rest assured knowing that you’ve saved food waste from going in the bin!
We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s blog post. If you have any questions as to how to order an office fruit basket, please do contact us or head over to the Office Groceries website.